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Many parents believe children do not need to visit the dentist at young ages, especially as their baby teeth will eventually fall out to make way for permanent teeth. However, the health of your child’s baby teeth are a highly important part of their lasting dental health. Oral health problems in childhood can affect underlying permanent teeth and carry through to adolescence.

At Westchester Pediatric Dentistry, we are committed to fun and friendly children’s dental services in Los Angeles. For more about our goals and available services, we welcome you to browse our website or call today for your child’s next visit.

What Does a Pediatric Dentist Do?

Pediatric dentists are specialists in the dental field; they have unique knowledge of children’s dental development and conditions that affect the ongoing function of a child’s smile. Our experienced specialists, Dr. Christie Burnett and Dr. Deepa Sreenivasvan, are experienced in the field of dental care for children. Their knowledge of children’s changing musculature and jaws helps them determine the best ways to care for your child’s smile.

Beyond medical knowledge of pediatric dentistry, kids dentists understand the art of helping children feel safe under their care. Kids require a gentle approach to create positive associations with the dentist. Anxiety from a bad visit in childhood can translate into avoiding the dentist as an adult, which is a domino effect our entire team works hard to prevent. 

Common Services Provided by Children’s Dental Specialists

Treatments for children can be separated into prevention and restoration. With preventive treatment, pediatric dentists help kids learn about tooth decay. They learn that brushing and flossing teeth sweeps away all the harmful bacteria that like to eat dental enamel and which cause cavities. Our pediatric dentists use large models to show kids what their teeth look-like and how they can brush them the best way.

If a child has cavities at their appointment, pediatric dentists provide restorations that commonly include fillings and dental crowns. Fillings are tooth-colored composite material that fill the small hole in the tooth, while a dental crown is a covering for a tooth applied after the decayed enamel has been buffed away. Both prevention and restoration are important for future dental health and stopping decay in its tracks.

Dental Services for Kids in the Greater LA Area

Westchester Pediatric Dentistry provides excellent kids dental care in LA. Our dentists have created and fun and welcoming environment, where children and their families feel confident. To learn more about what our dentists can do to help your child smile, contact our office today.

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