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When it comes to prevention, dentists have many ways to keep your child’s smile healthy. Routine dental visits and education go a long way, but there is another treatment that is uniquely beneficial for a child’s smile: sealants. Dental caries in children are troublesome, but sealants can effectively minimize the chances of decay with a simple and easy treatment.

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Sealing Out Decay – Sealants for Children

Children are still learning to properly care for their teeth and may miss some spots while brushing and flossing. This can pose a problem for baby teeth, as they are less mineralized than adult teeth and therefore more susceptible to decay. When debris is left on teeth, they create the acids that eventually break down and creative cavities. 

Sealants are an effective way to keep kids’ smiles as healthy and resistant to decay as possible. After sealants are applied, bacteria and debris have a hard time adhering to the pits and pores of teeth. This makes children’s at-home brushing and flossing habits that much more effective, promoting healthier smiles.

Are Sealants Safe for Kids? Aren’t Baby Teeth Just Going to Fall Out?

Today’s parents are more concerned about their children’s smiles than ever and we understand that emphasis on safety and health. Dental sealants are completely safe for use on teeth. The sealant itself is a liquid painted over the surface of molars, which then dries into an imperceptible coating. Children are completely comfortable during treatment; there is no need for any intimidating dental equipment that can sometimes make children nervous.

While those baby teeth will indeed fall out to make way for permanent teeth, making sure that these temporary molars are healthy is an important part of their oral health well into the future. Permanent teeth are positioned below, well under the gum line, and any decay that spreads deep into those temporary teeth can affect the health and stability of permanent teeth. Start your kids on the path to a strong smile for a lifetime with help from our pediatric dentists and dental sealants. 

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Most children need dental sealants by the age of six, which their first molars emerge. By the age of 12, second molars have developed as well. It’s always a good idea to seek treatment as soon as possible to maximize the benefits of prevention. Don’t wait to get dental care for your child if they are in the appropriate age group.

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