Dental visits at a young age are highly important for children’s health and wellness. Dental health and physical health are closely related, making early and positive dental habits a must for adults just as much as children.

At Westchester pediatric dentistry, we provide friendly first dental visits for children in Los Angeles. If your child is one year of age and/or has developed their first tooth, it’s time to schedule their first dental visit. 

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The Importance of Early Examinations

Not only are timely dental exams important for catching early signs of decay, they’re important educational opportunities and experiences for young patients. Children can often inherit fears and anxieties of the dentist from their parents; getting them in as early as possible allows them to see that there is nothing to be afraid of and to create their own associations with being treated by a dentist.

Twice-yearly dental exams help our pediatric specialists establish a benchmarks of your child’s health, how teeth are developing, and even to offer hygiene tips to parents and kids. We coach parents on how to clean gums with a damp rag and how foods like candy contain added sugar, such as juices, can create opportunity for tooth decay. 

Our goal is to help you child leave our dental office feeling great and looking forward to the next time they can see their friends at Westchester Pediatric Dentistry.

Introductions to Tools and the Dentist

After getting to know parents and kids, we begin a gentle examination of your child’s smile. For very young patients, we count existing teeth, show children how they can do a great job at brushing and flossing, and what a strong smile can do for them in the future. For slightly older children who feel comfortable in the dental chair, we provide a dental cleaning, thoroughly polishing teeth so your child’s smile shines.

Our LA pediatric dentists makes sure to introduce children to the types of instruments we use in an examination, so they know exactly what to expect. We let them take a spin in the dental show, show them the suction, small mouth mirror, and the tooth-brush like polisher. Kids love to learn about the dentist and all of the interesting technology in our offices.

A great relationship with our children’s dentists is an excellent first step in having a healthy smile for life. We work hard to earn your child’s trust and help them feel safe during visits.

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To speak to a member of our team, we welcome you to call Westchester Pediatric Dentistry today. We offer convenient scheduling and are happy to help children and parents towards a bright future. Experience the difference a caring pediatric dentist can make for your child and your family.


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